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Collaborate in a new way

In the office

Touch screens are great solutions to old problems. When we consider how much the way we interact with employees has changed, much of it is thanks to the advancements in tech. The whiteboard was great for its time, but does it keep your audience truly engaged?

Using Elo touch screens in the office offers you flexibility and promotes beneficial and effective work styles.

Enrich brainstorming activities with your team and boost efficiencies in meeting rooms with on screen sharable content. Powering your meeting room with an Elo touch screen, can empower creativity.

In the classroom

Touch screen demonstrations in the classroom are becoming more common place. What better way to maintain students’ attention than to conduct lessons from a large interactive screen? Faster, and more convenient than the alternative options, touch screens allow for easy real-time demonstrations that are exciting and interactive.

The Collaboration Hub and Webcam

Use this tool to grab your stylus and start interacting. The collaboration hub comes with two easy to use stylus pens, a USB slot, and sits conveniently underneath the monitor for quick access. The interactive webcam can sit on the top of the screen, on the bottom or along the sides and can expand your screen to a fully functional conference hub.

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