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Engage with your audience

Sometimes trade show booths will have little to no appeal to them. They sit in the center of a 10×10 space and offer the occasional comapany pen, brochure, or even a squishy stress toy. But what good is all of this if people aren’t feeling engaged enough? When is it time for you to get in on the tech and touch band wagon? Now, if you haven’t already! When speaking to a large audience at an event, it is important to keep your audience engaged.

Giving people the tools they are already familiar with to interact can really be rewarding; whether its a touch screen or interactive monitor displays.  Most of the general public are using smartphones, tablets, and utilizing technology like never before. Social media, video, and other forms of digital marketing has evolved in a way that is accessible to all now.

So the question here is, how can we help those in need of a boost in modern day communication?

The Solution. 

The CMD Touch Screen Media Hub provides your audience with on demand, full screen, interactive capabilities. When attendees are curious enough to touch whats on-screen and interact with your products, product info or contribute to your social media, that’s a great thing and a positive step in the right direction. With a long list of benefits, the CMD Touch Screen Media Hub is perfect for..

  • Viewing and printing your brochures and literature on demand.
  • Video playback with customizable interactive menus
  • Internet-ready. Visit web links, view websites, stream your social media live!
  • Engage your audience with surveys, touch enabled games.
  • Works like a lead retrieval system – gather attendee information and SAVE on show service costs!
  • Post show exhibitor analytics.
  • Works with any PC running Windows 10 or higher.
  • User friendly interface is 100% customizable catered to your branding guidelines.

The CMD Touch Media Hub will also collect data from your audience and provide your sales team with a post-show analytics report. With the same capabilities as a lead retrieval system, attendees to your booth simply key in their email or contact info.

If you’d like to engage with your audience and retrieve those leads at a trade show, contact Toronto Touch Screens today.