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Unbeatable 3 Year Warranty!

When purchasing any type of technology nowadays, you’d expect to have a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty. Companies who sell you on the pitch rather than the actual quality and service that the product is attached to, tend to provide the cheapest alternative and don’t always honour even the standards at times. You want to avoid this situation at all costs and purchase from a reputable company with high quality products and a world-renowned customer service and warranty program.

ELO®‘s global warranty program allows the purchase of our products in any country, and can be serviced where it is actually being used. ELO® Touch Solutions offers an unbeatable 3-year limited warranty on most of their touchscreen monitors and accessories. Furthermore, when purchasing your new ELO® product, the warranty takes into affect the moment it is shipped out to you.

An extended warranty option is also available to ELO® customers. For customers in the US and Canada, you may purchase an extended warranty option within 2 years of your purchase. This reduces the stress of having to decide on the spot at time of checkout. ELO® offers extended warranty options of 1 or 2 years.


Hassle-free admin work on claims. Toronto Touch Screens will make sure your warranty claim goes as smooth as possible. We are committed to customer satisfaction and therefore take the admin work out of your hands and into ours.


Toronto Touch Screens offers ELO® touchscreen monitors for all types of industry sectors. Are you looking for a touchscreen for your next event, trade show or sales floor? To learn more about ELO® Touch Screen monitors, accessories and warranty information:

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