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Drive traffic to your booth with a touch screen display

It goes without saying that a primary objective at any trade show is consumer engagement and retention. And with the ways and means of various technologies available these days, drawing in new customers is becoming more interactive and interesting.

Touchscreens allow for so much opportunity to explain and sell your product or service in a modern, quick and yet also informative way.

Here are some of our tips and tricks to use touch screen technology to best suit your brand.



Social Media Engagement and Contests

There are different ways to display your social media at events. Assuming your company already has a well established social media presence, conducting prize worthy giveaways at the show is one way to lure people to your booth and displays. Having visitors to the booth complete a do-it-yourself form on the touchscreen, entering basic information and of course, their email address to win.

There are also many people who have taken to the Photo Booth option where visitors can take a picture of themselves and share on Instagram, tagging your social media handles and hashtags. Remember, with social media engagement you’re not only capturing a ballot or an entry, you’re benefiting your brand by showing the world you have an interested consumer base.




Trade Shows can be information overload, so who wouldn’t want to lighten the load with an interactive game? Have your booth stand apart from the rest with a touch screen display featuring on-screen games! This is a great way to attract passers by to your booth, and engage them in an unconventional and entertaining manner. The touch screens can be configured to provide your audience with interactive fun for everyone. And and game can be connected to your social media so that people can share their scores to an even broader audience. When exhibiting at an event with a large amount of people, be sure to provide games that are quick and easy for people to use. Touchscreen games like air hockey, magic cup, or tic tac toe require less instruction and allow people to get in the game right away. Also be sure to be use a large screen so that gathering crowds can all take in the fun!


Virtual Demos

Depending on your type of business, you may want to get people involved with on-screen virtual demos of your product. Audience members can take a virtual tour of your facility, for example. Maybe you’re a developer or real estate company and want to interact with your audience by providing a virtual tour of different homes, or floor plans. Or perhaps your are an industrial machine manufacturer with no way to get your 10 ton machine into a trade show facility to exhibit at a booth. Virtual touch screen demonstrations are an intuitive way to display a more in-depth view of what you’re trying to sell, no matter the type of business,


Custom App 

If you don’t have the necessary resources to develop an app, there are many trusted developers on the web who provide this type of service for a cost. A personalized app for your touch screen display or tablet can give your company that “tech edge” you were seeking. App’s can be developed to display and provide different types of actions on-screen such as product purchases with a personalized shopping cart or an ordering system for a food business.


If you’re seeking a way to better engage with your audience at any of your future events, contact Toronto Touch Screens today​! We can help you build a customized and interactive atmosphere with any of our Elo Touch Screen displays.

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