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Touch screen kiosks for better interactive experiences

The ELO® Backpack™ Android computer transforms your touchscreen monitor into a self serve kiosk which is capable of running audio, video content, interactive webpages and android based applications. With the addition of ELO View, you’re able to enhance the touch experience in a snap!


For a full touchscreen kiosk experience, connect ELO® Backpack™ with ELO® View.



Deploying a kiosk network is now easier than ever!

Compatible with select ELO® touchscreen digital signage, desktop monitors, kiosk open-frames, and any HDMI-capable display (without touch support). Control your kiosk network in one place and enjoy the simplicity of ELO View.

Elo’s Kiosk 2.0 architecture introduces a low-power, solid state fan-less computing solution with the capability to scale deployments and remotely manage kiosks out-of-the-box. Combined with Elo’s brilliant commercial-grade touch monitors, integrators can now transform what was a bulky, highly customized kiosk into a sleek and modern design.